Benefits For My Business

By on February 24, 2013

Benefits For My Business


There are different types of businesses. At Marathon we have found ways to help all sizes of businesses with their risk & responsibility issues. The companies we really like to work with are the small & medium ones, with 1 – 250 employees.


Self Employed:

  • This group has many different faces. Consultants, Contractors, Sole Proprietors, and Corporations are all included in this group.

You want coverage like you had when you worked for that big company. You do have options. As a small business you have to think different then you did as an employee. The big thing is that you have many more tax advantages.


Small 3 – 10 Employees:

  • The average size business in Alberta is 8 employees. These are small companies where all employees are integral to every part of the company.

These companies find it difficult to get a good benefit plan for their employees. They want to protect them because these businesses feel like their employees are family. We have lots of reasonably priced options for these groups and we are happy to work you them.


Medium 11 – 50 Employees:

  • These companies have done a great job of growing their staff. They need more options and have different issues then the small business.

You are no longer a small business. You have solid employees and systems to take over if anything goes wrong. You have options that small companies do not. We will introduce you to them and we will show you ways to lower the administrative costs of your benefit plan.


Large 51 – 250 Employees:

  • As a large company you have many different needs. How do you satisfy all of them? We will introduce you to ways to diversify your plan and how you can lower your administrative costs.